Meet Nicole

I want to live in a world where yoga is available to everyone, regardless of their experience level or physical ability.

Yoga is my primary form of self-care. I used yoga initially to manage chronic neck and back pain, but it has taken me on a journey much greater than I could have ever imagined. After almost eight years of working in a job that was leaving me exhausted and unfulfilled, I decided to step away to focus on my well-being and to cultivate the things that bring me joy. I was grateful for everything in my life, but there was a part of me that longed for something more. I ultimately had the power to free myself and to start living my life authentically.

This journey of self-discovery had been going on for years. Upon starting my 200-hr yoga teacher training in 2011, things began to shift. Something was awakening inside of me that had been dormant for most of my life. Around the same time, I started to work with  Mary Kathryn LeMaster (Breath Coach/Reiki Master/Massage Therapist/Mentor/Amazing Female) to help manage my anxiety and adrenal fatigue. Working with her was truly life-changing. She helped me realize that my voice deserved to be heard, that I had the right to express myself creatively and to say no to the things that were not serving my higher good. Most importantly, to let go of the guilt of disappointing others and that MY HAPPINESS was most important. Through her support and honouring my yoga practice, I learned that the only permission I needed to shine brightly was my own.

I developed a deep desire to share what I experienced with others; to teach yoga classes to those who felt like the practice may be out of their reach. In 2014, I started teaching yoga one evening a week at a local yoga studio. On this day, I would often leave work completely drained, not knowing if I would get through teaching class. However, by the end of class, I would be uplifted, inspired and energized!

My mission is to make it easier for people to invite yoga into their life.

At Nicole Blackwood Embody Yoga & Wellness, we are committed to meeting our students exactly as they are through a diverse range of yoga classes, workshops, and events. You’re unique and precious and you deserve to nurture your body; to free your mind; to rest and renew. We are here to help you tap into your inner wisdom so you can be reminded that you know exactly what you need.

Nicole is patient, respectful, and loyal. She exhibits high self-care and encourages the same for her students. Her gentle teaching style allows me to relax, while encouraging me to go deeper in my yoga practice. I feel better both during and after her classes. A great way to re-energize!
Allison Moyle

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