Yoga For All

Our mission at Embody Yoga & Wellness is to offer yoga to people of all adult ages and life stages. We are passionate about creating a safe and welcoming space for you to take care of yourself. Yoga is not just for those who are young and flexible. Many of our students started yoga beyond the age of 50!

Our Pillars:


Classes to meet your physical ability. Props and variations to meet your unique needs.


All bodies, genders, and adult ages in a safe and supportive environment.


Your yoga practice evolves and changes as you do. From pregnancy to later life stages…we got you covered.


Our skilled instructors and small group classes allow for a personalized experience.

Before I started attending classes at Embody, I was very scared of yoga studios. As someone who doesn’t have a body that is often represented in yoga videos or advertisements, I was very nervous about going to a studio where I would feel on display and at a disadvantage because of my size.

Embody has been incredibly welcoming, and the class sizes are small and comfortable, never intimidating. I have never had a class where I felt ashamed of my body and attending yoga at Embody has actually improved my confidence. Embody has truly taught me that any body can be a yoga body, and while I started at the back of the class, I now I feel just at home at the front.

Embody has been a safe space since day one. The studio makes accessible yoga for everyone a priority, and I so appreciate practicing in a place where I don’t think twice about the way my body looks and can focus on how it feels!

Emily Brown

Yoga Student

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