Yin Yoga Teacher Training

With Stephanie Calhoun

Satori Yoga Teacher Training, RYS 200 & 300, YACEP

Looking to deepen your practice?  Looking to become a Yin Yoga teacher? Looking to become aprofessional level Yoga teacher?

The mission of the SATORI Yoga Teacher Training program is to provide a space where you can explore the depths of their physical, mental and spiritual yoga practice while being guided along their path towards SATORI ~ enlightenment.

Offering quality instruction that is second to none, students gain the capacity to both practice and teach safe, effective yoga practices for students of all demographics.   A strong emphasis is placed on sensation based alignment ~ enabling you and your students to understand their individual form.  We accomplish this through extensive study of functional anatomy, physiology, asana, pranayama, philosophy, teaching methodology, and how to accurately assess and apply the teachings so that you can make the yoga postures fit their bodies, rather than making their bodies fit the posture.

Please visit Stephanie’s website to download your application and submit immediately along with deposit to reserve your space. Classes are limited to 15-25 participants. Find out more about Stephanie here.

Yin Yoga Level One

Yintroception – 100-hr Yoga Teacher Training

10 days, 8am-5pm daily (1 hour lunch break, morning and afternoon breaks of 15 min)

This is where it all begins…whether you are an avid yoga practitioner or a seasoned yoga teacher, you can take your understanding of the true meaning of yoga to further levels of comprehension and application.  This module is dedicated to exploring the powerful philosophy of Taoism, history, and science behind the postures of Yin Yoga. Through detailed study of functional human anatomy, this program offers what we can confidently say is not offered in mainstream teacher training programs.  This is what all of our students have been craving, and they have never left disappointed.

YINteroception ~ taking one’s awareness inward to perceive sensation based alignment, determine whether it is appropriate, take effective action in making a change, or deciding to sit in stillness and witness the experience. 


$1700.00 (plus HST)     

$500.00 non-refundable deposit to hold space 


Yin Yoga – Paul Grilley (blue cover) – to be read prior to course beginning

Atlas of Anatomy – General Anatomy and Muskuloskeletal System – Thieme

Upper Body Yin

Anatomy & Forms for the Yang within Yin (24 hours YACEP)

3 days, 8am – 5pm daily, (1 hour lunch, 2 breaks of 15 min each)

For those who have already completed Yin Yoga training, are personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts or health care professionals.  This program is about integrating wisdom of the anatomy and physiology of the upper limbs and torso into your current practice and teaching repertoire.

The lower body is traditionally considered Yin, while the upper body is Yang. Here we look at integrating the Yin within the Yang and understanding mechanics of the shoulders, arms, as well as how they interrelate with the myofascial meridian system.  Is there a way we can impact channels feeding our heart, lungs, large intestine and the mysterious triple heater meridian via our method of stressing the myofascial tissue with Yin yoga postures?  Absolutely.

Join us in exploring how to train, practice, and move with confidence, strength, and balanced effort and ease.  This program ALWAYS sells out, register now!


$460 (plus HST)

$230 non-refundable deposit required to hold your space


Yin Yoga – Paul Grilley (blue cover) – to be read prior to course beginning

Atlas of Anatomy – General Anatomy and Muskuloskeletal System – Thieme


Visit Stephanie’s website to find out more about both of these trainings and to register.


Embody Yoga & Wellness, 10 Forbes Street – Suite #103, St. John’s, NL

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