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Welcome to our catalog of recorded yoga classes!

We have more than 200 prerecorded classes for you to view!

  • Click on the class style below to view all the classes for that style.
  • You will be directed to a new page where you can find all the recorded classes for that style. Just click on the class you want to watch and it will open up the video.
  • The latest videos include a short description of the class so you can choose one that suits you best at this moment. If you want to come back here to the main page just press the back button in your browser or simply click on ‘Members’ in the menu bar above.

Please note that the majority of these classes were recorded on Zoom and since it is streamed over the internet, the video isn’t the highest quality. These classes are labeled with an (L) at the end. As well since they are live classes, there may be instances where the teacher has to address something with the technology or a student may ask a question. 

There are some classes that were pre-recorded and not taught live. These videos are labeled with (R) at the end. These will have better video quality since they were recorded directly to a computer.

No Yoga Props?

Check out this DIY Yoga Prop video by Val.

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