You CAN do yoga right now, exactly as you are!

Get started with two accessible yoga classes that are perfect for beginners with hand/knee-friendly options and accommodations for pregnancy.

Are you looking to relieve discomfort and feel more freedom in your body? Is the thought of doing yoga in a class with others who “know what they are doing” intimidating? Do you think that you are not flexible or strong enough? Are you feeling drained and just want a way to deeply relax and restore? You’re in the right place if you are looking for a yoga class that meets you exactly where you are.

Yoga that meets you exactly where you are

Embody Yoga & Wellness is a boutique studio, offering a warm and intimate refuge for you to focus on your wellbeing. Our skilled and nurturing teachers meet you exactly where you are. We strive to provide options for ALL bodies, including adaptable and accessible classes, that allow people to experience the benefits of yoga regardless of age, physical condition, or experience level.

Being a beginner I was apprehensive at first but that quickly turned around as the instructors at Embody made me feel welcome from the beginning and still do.  Embody is located in a great area with plenty of parking.  The studio is extremely clean and the smaller size of the studio makes it cozy and very personal.  The instructors are top notch!  Thank you for creating this wonderful space to practice.

Brenda R.

Before I started attending classes at Embody, I was very scared of yoga studios. Yoga was something I was interested in and had tried to learn on my own at home, but I felt I needed a class to really figure it out. As someone who doesn’t have a body that is often represented in yoga videos or advertisements, I was very nervous about going to a studio where I would feel on display and at a disadvantage because of my size. The first class I attended was a Beginner’s Workshop with Megan Morgan, and I immediately knew I would be coming back.

Embody has been incredibly welcoming, and the class sizes are small and comfortable, never intimidating. I have never had a class where I felt ashamed of my body, but attending yoga at Embody has actually improved my confidence. Embody has truly taught me that any body can be a yoga body, and while I started at the back of the class, I now I feel just at home at the front. Embody has been a safe space since day one. The studio makes accessible yoga for everyone a priority, and I so appreciate practicing in a place where I don’t think twice about the way my body looks and can focus on how it feels!

Emily Brown

Yoga Student