Embody Membership

Seasonal or Monthly

In-Studio & Online Yoga Classes

Our classes are being taught both live online through Zoom and in person at the studio. There is space for a maximum of 6 students in the studio due to physical distancing. During class, the teacher will be on video but we will have the camera set up so the students attending in-studio will not be on video.

As an additional perk, members have exclusive access to our on-demand class recordings in the Members’ Area on our website. So you can practice yoga with us wherever or whenever you want!

Please scroll down to see our schedule, membership perks, and registration options. We ask that In-Studio Students please read our revised  COVID-19 Screening Studio Operating Guidelines and that all students read out Policies prior to registering for and attending classes.

Check out these videos for an overview of our online or studio experience:

Attending Classes In Person at the Studio

Attending Classes Live on  Zoom

Navigating Online Members’ Area

The Spring Session has started but you can join us for the remainder of the session with either a one-time or monthly payment.

Please send us an email and we will provide a coupon code to prorate for the remaining classes. Do not register below until you hear back from us.


This schedule is effective until June 28th, 2021. All classes are ongoing unless specified below in the schedule. There will be no classes on the following days:

  • Friday, April 2 – 8 (Easter Break)
  • Monday, May 24 (Victoria Day)

​Check out our Class Descriptions here. Brand new to the studio? Check out our New Student Promotions here.

About our Memberships

Our Memberships provide the best value for weekly group yoga class registration. Memberships are Seasonal with the option for a Monthly payment. Students choose 1 or 2 core classes each week which allows them to gradually build understanding, strength, and flexibility over time. The teachers get to know you and your practice better and offer a more individualized approach to their instruction. Students enjoy being part of a community of familiar faces, supporting each other along the way.

If students miss their scheduled class, they can come to another class during the session. Memberships also offer exclusive perks to the students. See below for more information including registration, perks, dates, and schedule. Drop-in and passes are also available if a Membership does not work for you.

Membership Perks

  • Secure your space in the Core Class(es) that you plan to attend each week.
  • Online class recordings available for 24-hours by request.
  • Make-up missed Core Classes by attending another class with any teacher either in advance or after your missed class prior to the end of the session.
  • Online Members’ Area with 200+ recorded classes that you can access on-demand from the comfort of your home.
  • Additional perks associated with each Tier as listed below.
  • Besides the Free Friend Passes, perks cannot be shared with others and can only be used by the registered student.

Tier 1

  • Choose 1 Core Class that you plan to attend LIVE online or in-studio each week.
  • Drop-in to other class for $15 (HST included).
  • 10% off Halfmoon Props.
  • 1 Free Friend Class Pass (new to studio, one pass per person).
  • 10% off select workshops.
  • $10 studio credit when you refer a friend and they purchase a membership.

Tier 2

  • Choose 2 Core Classes that you plan to attend LIVE online or in-studio each week.
  • 25% Off a Tier 1 Membership (if you want to attend 3 Core Classes/Week)
  • 3 Free Drop-ins for both the Winter & Spring 2021 Session (6 classes total).
  • Drop-in to additional classes for $12 (HST included)
  • 15% off Halfmoon Props.
  • 3 Free Friend Class Passes (new to the studio, one pass per person).
  • 15% off select workshops.
  • $15 studio credit when you refer a friend and they purchase a membership.
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