Yoga to Support Fertility

Yoga to Support Fertility classes and workshops with Nicole are specially designed to support women while they are trying to conceive. For some women, this uncertain time can be stressful especially if you have been trying to become pregnant for some time. 

Drawing from her own experience, Nicole will share the practices that she found most supportive during her journey to ultimately conceiving her daughter. After more than a year of trying, followed by several rounds of IUI, Nicole became pregnant through her first cycle of IVF in March 2017. She knows firsthand the stress, uncertainty, and complete lack of control women experience during this time and is passionate about supporting others on this path.

These classes include gentle yoga postures to promote reproductive health and healing with movements that encourage blood flow to the pelvic region, release tension, and create balance in the body and mind. Participants will also be guided through restorative yoga postures to calm the nervous system and bring them to a place where they can rest deeply, reducing the effects of stress and anxiety. This form of yoga utilizes longer-held postures completely supported by yoga props such as blocks, blankets, and bolsters (cushions). Relaxation and mindfulness techniques including meditation, breath awareness, and visualization will direct students toward a place of inner peace.

The intention for these classes is to provide tools and techniques to cultivate your innate power for creation and nurturing, and above all reconnect with yourself. Trying to conceive can be all-consuming, and these practices can help you reunite with the person you were before your life took this direction, supporting your whole being as you continue your journey to parenthood.

This class also offers a positive healing community of other amazing women who share this journey with us. It is appropriate for all levels of fitness and experience as well as any point in the natural or medicated fertility process

Online Yoga to Support Fertility: 6-Week Series with Nicole Blackwood

Next Date TBD (late summer/early fall)

Now more than ever you need to support your fertility wellness through minimizing anxiety and taking care of yourself. Whether you are taking a break from treatments or trying to conceive naturally at this time, this program will nurture your body, mind, and heart. Each class will include an educational topic and discussion followed by movement, meditation, and rest. You will receive access to the recording after class (through the end of July) if you are unable to attend live. Over the six weeks, you will also receive a series of shorter recorded videos that you can do separately or together, depending on your time and needs.


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