Yoga to Support Fertility

Yoga to Support Fertility

6 Class Self-Paced Online Series

Now more than ever you need to support your fertility wellness through minimizing anxiety and taking care of yourself. Whether you are taking a break from treatments or trying to conceive naturally at this time, this program will nurture your body, mind, and heart. Nicole knows firsthand the stress, uncertainty, and complete lack of control women experience during this time and is passionate about supporting others on this path.

This is a self-paced online program that includes 6 75-minute recorded classes that were taught live to a previous Yoga to Support Fertility group. Each class includes an educational topic and discussion followed by movement, meditation, and rest. Mini-practices are broken out from the class if you are in need of a specific and/or shorter practice. There are also additional resources including short breathing and meditation practices.

Investment: $27

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