Holistic Fertility Support with Tenderness

Nicole has experienced firsthand the overwhelm, uncertainty, and complete lack of control when the road to pregnancy is challenging. After years of trying and undergoing several rounds of fertility treatments, she ultimately conceived her daughter through IVF in 2017.  This brief sentence holds within it a very heart-wrenching and grief-ridden journey that you likely are experiencing as well.

This experience leaves an imprint on us and changes how we view and move through life. It is a transformation that we never asked for, but we can practice leaning into support and making space for whatever we are feeling, witness it, and allow it to move through us.

Nicole’s programs are designed to support those who are trying to grow their family, whether you have been trying to conceive for a while or just starting out, and will hold space for the hope and uncertainty this experience brings. She is passionate about sharing nurturing practices that nourish your body, mind, and heart with tenderness and create spaciousness for all parts of you to coexist during this challenging time.

Embody Fertility Yoga

6 Class Self-Paced Online Series

These classes include gentle yoga postures with an emphasis on releasing tension and nourishing the pelvic region. Restorative yoga postures using the support of props will allow your body feel free from effort and help settle your nervous system. Other practices such as meditation, breathing techniques, and guided relaxation will help deepen your experience.

These classes are appropriate for all levels of fitness and experience as well as any point in a natural or medicated fertility process. In the event you do become pregnant during this program, it is also suitable during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Investment: $50

Yoga to Support Fertility Interview with CBC's One in Six Podcast

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