Any body can be a yoga body

Before I started attending classes at Embody, I was very scared of yoga studios. Yoga was something I was interested in and had tried to learn on my own at home, but I felt I needed a class to really figure it out. As someone who doesn’t have a body that is often represented in yoga videos or advertisements, I was very nervous about going to a studio where I would feel on display and at a disadvantage because of my size. The first class I attended was a Beginner’s Workshop with Megan Morgan, and I immediately knew I would be coming back.

Embody has been incredibly welcoming, and the class sizes are small and comfortable, never intimidating. I have never had a class where I felt ashamed of my body, but attending yoga at Embody has actually improved my confidence. Embody has truly taught me that any body can be a yoga body, and while I started at the back of the class, I now I feel just at home at the front. Embody has been a safe space since day one. The studio makes accessible yoga for everyone a priority, and I so appreciate practicing in a place where I don’t think twice about the way my body looks and can focus on how it feels!

Emily B.

Prenatal class with Nicole has exceeded my expectations 

I’ve practiced yoga before, but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect out of a prenatal yoga class. The prenatal class with Nicole has exceeded my expectations. Not only did I learn how to modify yoga for my changing body, but I also learning so much about how my body is changing and how I can encourage baby to be in a better position for labor and delivery. Although I know that “plans” may go out with window with labor and delivery, my outlook heading into labor and delivery has certainly changed and I look forward to getting an opportunity to use what I’ve learned as I bring baby into the world!

Sara H.

Yoga and Megan Morgan have changed my life

Yoga and Megan Morgan have changed my life.  If there is one regret that I have in life it is that I did not start yoga earlier.  I could have saved myself a lot of aggravation and pain had I known how to go to my “happy place” when things get a little out of control in my life.

Generally I lead a very active life and taking time to literally relax never used to enter my equation.  It seemed that if I had a free hour I was trying to cram some activity in rather than taking time to relax, reflect and rejuvenate.  Staying still is a big challenge for me and I was never what you call a very “flexible” person. Yoga has helped me overcome both of these challenges.

Megan has been teaching me now for five years and thanks to her I have reduced my blood pressure, learned to relax and meditate and for the first time in 50+  years and most importantly I can now sit cross legged on the floor and play with my Grandson Tom. It is never too late to learn anything. I am a firm believer that the older we get the more new things we have to learn.

Embody is a beautiful studio very close to my neighbourhood.  I have experienced other yoga instructors at Embody and they all make you feel warm and welcome.  When you leave Embody at the end of your workout I guarantee that you will feel happy, content, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!  Thanks Nicole and Megan for keeping me mobile!


Learning the techniques to stay calm and positions helped me have the natural labour that I wanted

The things I learned at [prenatal] yoga helped immensely, and for that I am grateful. The breathing and learning about staying calm put me in the right mindset. It felt uncomfortable sitting or lying. The only thing that felt okay was standing. When a contraction came on, I would use either the wall or [my husband’s] and [my mom’s] shoulders to do modified downward dog. I did a lot of time in the tub, too. Learning the techniques to stay calm and positions helped me have the natural labour that I wanted. I’m so happy I went to yoga and look forward to doing more again soon.

Ashley House

 I never thought that I could take the time to ‘turn everything off  ’…but Maria made that happen for me 

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoyed this class with Maria. It was my first official yoga class/session and I couldn’t have been more impressed. Over the past several months life has become so hectic for me with my [kid’s activities] and just the everyday hustle and bustle. Work has become overloaded and there seems to be more and more stress on a daily basis that I have not been used to dealing with. I never thought that I could take the time to just relax and ‘turn everything off’ so to speak, but Maria made that happen for me. Her calming gentle voice and sensitive nature allowed me to really find peace and I cannot thank her enough. Although I only attended one session a week, my goal is to attend more in the future. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

Lisa P.

The Embody yoga experience is so easy

Before re-starting my yoga routine I felt tired, overwhelmed at times and out of sync with my body.  Yoga at Embody always leaves me feeling refreshed and energized, physically and mentally!

I love that the Embody yoga experience is so easy.  There is parking and the space is soothing with no intimidation factor.  I love that you can commit to a class but you can do a makeup class if you miss one…because that makes room for the normal chaos of life.

My regular life and routine with a young family was holding me back from committing to a class, but making this time for myself has been essential and so worthwhile.  Taking classes in a haphazard way was never as beneficial to me as this regular practice. 

Deanne H.

I find I’m in a lot less pain 

Before starting yoga at Embody I was experiencing a lot of pain and tension in my back and legs. I started classes in January, and now with regular yoga practice I am feeling much better. I take the things I learn in class and use them the rest of the week to make sure I am more mindful about my movements. I stretch regularly, and I find I’m in a lot less pain.

I have taken yoga at different studios before, but I often felt confused and unable to keep up. I find my teacher Maria describes each pose and modifications so thoroughly that I am able to follow along and focus on trying to perfect the poses, instead of just trying to keep up! I have had a fantastic experience at Embody. 

Kelly H.

I like that my spot is reserved, that I get a reminder about my class, and the space and convenient location

I was a lapsed yogi, and was searching for a studio that fit my needs in terms of location, type of class and time of day. Embody does all that for me. I like that my spot is reserved, I like that I get a reminder about my class, and I like the space and convenient location. All the things that I could use as a continued excuse not to practice are taken out of the equation at Embody.

I knew I needed to do something for me – body and soul – and Meaghan’s Saturday morning alignment-based Hatha yoga class is a gift I give myself each week. Her teaching technique – breaking down our practice into its component parts – make sense to me. And her teaching style is patient, kind and encouraging.

Paula D.

I have lost almost 30 lbs…and the yoga, along with my weight loss has dramatically changed me 

Yoga has made such an incredible difference in my life. I love your studio and the instructors I have met are all amazing. It has helped my mental and physical health is more ways than I ever could have imagined.  I have lost almost 30 lbs in the past 6-8 months and the yoga, along with my weight loss has dramatically changed me. Thank you for offering such a cozy, non-intimidating space for new yogis like me to change their lives!

Michelle Davis

Embody’s studio space is bright and welcoming

I started Yin Yoga at Embody (with Tracey and Maria) in 2017 as a way to facilitate my recovery from a hip injury. What I thought would be a few classes has turned into a 2 year journey that has drastically improved my physical and mental well-being. Embody’s studio space is bright and welcoming and Tracey and Maria are incredibly knowledgeable and kind. You owe it to yourself to experience one of their Yin classes!

J Burke.

I really did draw on the deep breathing techniques/methods during the delivery 

It’s a Girl!  She was a few days over due is doing wonderful. Thanks for the pre-natal classes, they certainly helped throughout my pregnancy and labour.  It’s true what the other girls in the class have said. I really did draw on the deep breathing techniques/methods during the delivery.   Also, I think that the muscle toning throughout the prenatal yoga has helped, as the nurse had commented on the weight loss in the belly & abdomen area after Evelyn was born (woohoo!).

Kathryn Hunt

I feel so much lighter, physically and mentally

Before beginning my practice I was feeling stiffness and tightness in my hips and shoulders. I’ve tried other yoga classes and have found that the yin class is my absolute favourite. I feel so much lighter after my classes, both physically and emotionally. The long-held poses give attention to what my body craves. The stillness gives an opportunity for me to look within myself. I’ve been so relaxed that I’ve literally fallen asleep during the last 5 mins of class on more than one occasion. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Jenny M.

The studio is inviting and relaxing; the instructors are fabulous and so, so knowledgeable

Embody Yoga Studio is the best you will find! The studio is inviting and relaxing; the instructors are fabulous and so, so knowledgeable; parking is easy; and the class size as well as variety is second to none! And, their policy of allowing you to make up a missed class of any type is a feature I particularly appreciate.  My husband and I have been going weekly for 3 years and will continue! Sign up – you won’t regret it!

Pam R.

Darla’s classes are extremely well planned and executed…with a healthy dose of fun…

Darla brings 25 years of teaching experience from the classroom to the mat.  Combined with an impressive list of yoga teaching credentials and a 20 year yoga practice, her classes are extremely well planned and executed.  Students arrive anxious to participate in her feel good, personalized presentation delivered with a healthy dose of fun and lots of compassion.

Val Wicks

The space and community is welcoming to beginners and long time yogis

I started classes at Embody just over 2 years ago to help combat stress and try to counteract all the sitting I do at my desk job. I started with no previous knowledge of yoga. Working with Nicole, Maria and Tracey I have gained a solid foundation and now yoga is a key part of my life. I often use the breathing techniques used in classes on my busy days to refocus and slow down. Yoga will have an impact in all areas of your life.

The space and community is welcoming to beginners and long time yogis. The pricing, schedule and class offerings is beyond other studios and there’s always a ton of free parking.


The smaller size of the studio makes it cozy and very personal 

Being a beginner I was apprehensive at first but that quickly turned around as the instructors at Embody made me feel welcome from the beginning and still do.  Embody is located in a great area with plenty of parking.  The studio is extremely clean and the smaller size of the studio makes it cozy and very personal.  The instructors are top notch!  Thank you for creating this wonderful space to practice. 

Brenda R.

The female body was made for, and capable of birth 

Baby arrived Friday morning like the wind. I really appreciate all your teachings over the Fall. The different movements and types of breath to use through the contractions especially came in handy. Along with remembering some of the speaking point and positive assurances that the female body was made for, and capable of birth. Thank-you so much. I look forward to getting the all clear from my doctor in the new year and hopefully joining in with your mommy-baby class this winter.

Caelie C

The instructors are SO helpful and encouraging

I was pretty comfortable in my yoga routine, I knew what equipment to get off the shelves, I knew roughly who my classmates would be and I knew what to expect from the instructor. Because of all this I was hesitant when my friend suggested switching to Embody, but she convinced me because of the availability of parking! Huge convenience! I decided I would try Embody out for one season of classes, and have been there full time ever since! The instructors are SO helpful and encouraging, the wide variety of classes has allowed me to try out new styles of practice, and the class make up policy is generous!

Jennifer S.

From the first moment – I felt so comfortable at Embody

I registered for my class half an hour before it started as I was so unsure if it was for me. I have no yoga knowledge of poses and when I have tried a class in the past I have not felt comfortable.

From the first moment – I felt so comfortable at Embody and have come to look forward to my weekly yoga class. The class is small and the studio set up is so inviting.

K. Whelan

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