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we truly have a class for EVERY body

See below for a summary of our weekly yoga class offerings and click the appropriate link to see our schedule for the ongoing and next session. Unsure of where to begin? Check out this blog post and get in touch if you have any questions.

I started classes at Embody just over 2 years ago to help combat stress and try to counteract all the sitting I do at my desk job. I started with no previous knowledge of yoga. Working with Nicole, Maria and Tracey I have gained a solid foundation and now yoga is a key part of my life. I often use the breathing techniques used in classes on my busy days to refocus and slow down. Yoga will have an impact in all areas of your life. The space and community is welcoming to beginners and long time yogis. The pricing, schedule and class offerings is beyond other studios and there’s always a ton of free parking.


Chair Yoga

Level: Beginner & Continuing

This class uses the support of a chair to make yoga accessible for all people.  Class includes poses to encourage strength and flexibility, breath work and guided relaxation.  Poses are done seated in the chair, and standing (optional) with chair for support. This class is a good fit for older adults, people with chronic conditions that affect mobility, and for those who enjoy a seated practice.  No previous yoga experience is necessary.

Gentle Yoga

Level: Beginner & Continuing

This class focuses on gentle stretching and toning while encouraging compassionate self-awareness. We’ll warm-up the body slowly in preparation for a series of fundamental yoga postures to release muscular tension and end with postures that promote deep rest and integration. A typical class starts with floor based postures, and moves to standing postures with the optional support of the wall or chair, and end with floor based postures.  This class is a good fit for students with chronic conditions that affect mobility, or for students who prefer to move at a slower pace. This class is currently taught by Megan, Nicole, and Maria, each brining their own unique teaching style to the class. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

Align & Release

Level: Active Beginner & Continuing

This class is great for anyone looking for a dynamic class with an emphasis on form, stability, and action in the body. Yoga props are often used to provide additional support and spaciousness to explore depth within postures. A typical class includes a mix of alignment-based and flow-based postures and movements, with some classes emphasizing one more than the other. The yoga asana (posture) portion of class allows the body mind to be more available to the softer and subtler practices of yoga that allow for integration and for you to come back into alignment with yourself – mind, body, and heart. Practices such as Pranayama (breathing techniques), restorative postures, guided relaxation, and meditation along with yogic teachings are an essential part of these classes.

Flow Yoga & Movement

Level: Active Beginner & Continuing

Create and build mobility and stability in this dynamic flow class. Students are guided to mindfully move through sequences to nourish and strengthen muscles, joints, and connective tissues.  Designed with particular attention to movement that will help with our everyday lives, each class brings a different focus and includes a mixture of sequences and postures for shoulders, hips, spine, and core, all while connecting to the breath. This class includes weight-bearing and floor-based postures (such as hands and knees, with variations of plank pose, downward facing down and prone (belly down) back bends) and that students will be moving up and down from the floor throughout the practice. Perfect for beginners looking for an active class and continuing students who wish to build upon their practice.

Morning Flow Yoga

Level: Active Beginner & Continuing

Wake up to your weekend in a class that nourishes all the nooks and crannies of your body that need some love after a very full week. Poses flow together in small simple sequences while mindfully syncing movement and breath. We’ll end with breathwork and/or short meditation to ease into your weekend with calm and vitality.

Nourish & Restore Yoga

Level: Beginner & Continuing

A calming, mindful and slower-paced yoga class to nourish your body and mind. This class includes gentle yoga (floor-based and standing) to create freedom and ease in your body; meditation and breathing practices to cultivate quiet and calm; and restorative yoga for deep rest and relaxation.   This class uses props (bolsters, blankets, blocks and more) to support the body and offers variations of movement and postures to meet each individual’s unique needs. The class will include additional support for those with injuries, joint-related or chronic pain or additional health challenges. 

Therapeutic Yoga

Level: Beginner & Continuing

This class will focus on the therapeutic benefits of yoga within an accessible, inclusive and trauma-informed practice that offers gentle movement (floor-based and standing), restorative postures, breathing and energy practices and meditation techniques. Combing the ancient wisdom yoga with evidence-based yoga tools and techniques, this class is for all levels of students with variations offered to meet each individual’s needs. Classes will be themed weekly to focus on areas of the body often holding tension, tightness and discomfort; nervous system nourishing to cultivate calm and resilience and reduce anxiety and stress; and the ways we can use the mind-heart-body practice of yoga to connect to our own kindness, gentleness and compassion.  The class will include additional support for those with injuries, joint-related or chronic pain or additional health challenges.

Iyengar Yoga - Level 1

Level: Active Beginner, Continuing, & Intermediate

This class introduces the basic principles of alignment of the standing poses, the seated poses, and the movements of the spine for beginning backbends, forward bends, and twists. Props are often used to facilitate movement and the breath, you will learn that when the breath settles, tension in the brain settles. You will develop mobility, stability, and strength through expanding your knowledge of the foundational asanas. Sanskrit names and yogic philosophy are introduced.  This class is appropriate for students new to yoga or to the Iyengar method, or for experienced yoga students who want to strengthen their practice of fundamental actions and alignment in asanas. Read more about Darla.

Mobility & Stability Yoga

Level: Active Beginner, Continuing, & Intermediate

This series is intended for many of us who may be caught in the busyness of life where we find ourselves spending a lot of time at a desk, on a computer, sitting in a car or even standing all day. We often do not take the time to nurture our own bodies. Many of Darla’s regular students are over 40.  Many are well into their 50’s and 60’s but it doesn’t matter what age you are. In these classes, we will learn how to establish the foundation and strength of poses and pose variations (stability), while we learn to extend and evolve through lengthening and breathing (mobility). A variety of props such as blocks, blankets, straps, bolsters and chairs will be used to assist with explorations of postures. Finding the balance between mobility and stability is vital to sustaining a life-long practice in a healthy aging body. If you are new to yoga and/or pilates or a long-time student, come join the fun to help you navigate the joys that come with growing into an aging body.

Yin Yoga

Level: Beginner & Continuing

Using longer holds designed to enhance joint, bone and connective tissue health, we will focus on the breath to help relax the body into the postures. Yin yoga helps to improve overall mobility and range of motion, specifically in the hips, pelvis, and spine. A complementary practice to any strength building or cardio exercise, as well as an active flow yoga practice, yin yoga can also greatly benefit those recovering from illness or injury. With practice, you will notice postural improvement, greater body awareness, increased ease of movement and overall balance in the body’s energy system. Yin is accessible to all levels of experience.

Yin & Yang Yoga

Level: Beginner & Continuing

This class includes fundamental and powerful postures in sequences that flow together while mindfully connecting the body and breath. Yin postures are also incorporated which focuses on longer-held floor-based poses to target the connective tissues, including the bones, ligaments, tendons, and fascia, for increased flexibility and strength in these areas of the body. Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners who are looking for a balance of dynamic movement and deep stretching.

Prenatal Yoga

Level: Beginner & Continuing

***This is a specialized series. Find out more and register for Prenatal Yoga here.***

This class is designed for expectant moms from 12 weeks to delivery, including those without prior yoga experience.  Stretch and strengthen your growing body mindfully in the company of other women. Poses are modified to accommodate Mom’s belly as she progresses through her pregnancy. Breathwork will be incorporated throughout the class to calm the mind and soothe the nervous system. Meet and share your experience with other expectant moms while deepening the connection with your baby in a supportive environment.

Postnatal Mom & Baby Yoga

Level: Beginner & Continuing

***This is a specialized series. Find out more and register for Postnatal Mom & Baby Yoga here.***

Tone and lengthen your muscles, relieve tension in the upper body, safely rebuild your core strength, and relax and rejuvenate. A supportive environment where moms can connect and share experiences, while babies meet new friends. This class is appropriate for moms who are six weeks postpartum who have been given medical clearance for activity and works best for babies who are not actively mobile (since you may just spend the class chasing your little one around!).

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