Workshops & Special Series

Self Love Yoga Workshop with Christie Fahey

Sunday, February 12th

1:00 pm (90 minutes)

A question I have often asked myself is “Why do I not love myself?”.  The answer has become much clearer since divesting from diet and toxic fitness cultures. We are bombarded with constant unsolicited advice on how to “improve” or “change” ourselves through social media, advertising, and people in our lives.

Mobility & Stability with Darla O’Reilly

7 Week Series

Wednesdays February 15 – March 29

5:30pm (75 minutes)

Finding the balance between mobility and stability is vital to sustaining a life-long practice in a healthy aging body.   This series is intended for many of us who may be caught in the busyness of life where we find ourselves spending a lot of time at a desk, on a computer, sitting in a car or even standing all day.   If you are new to yoga and/or pilates or a long-time student, come join the fun to help you navigate the joys that come with growing into an aging body.

Postnatal Mom & Baby Yoga with Nicole Blackwood

6-Week Series – Winter 2023 Session

Tuesday, February 16 – March 23

11:00 am (60 min)

Carve out time to nurture yourself in a class purposefully designed to support new moms in reconnecting to their postpartum body. We will focus on stretching the shoulders and neck and strengthening the upper back to relieve tension in the upper body that can build up from tending to baby.  We will mindfully reconnect to your core and pelvic floor, relieve achy hips and low back with progressive movements and breathing techniques to meet moms where they are.

Preteen/Teen Yoga (Ages 11-15)

6-Week Series with Cathy Duff

Sunday, February 19 – March 26

1:00 pm (60 min)

In-Studio Only

In this yoga program your teen will be guided through a series of movements and breathwork that will help to deepen their self-exploration, encouraging self love and acceptance. Through yoga poses, relaxation and simple guided practice, your teen will learn skills to help stay calm and focused as well as manage school stress, anxiety and support positive body image and healthy relationships.

Embody Fertility: Yoga, Nutrition, & Lifestyle Practices to Support Fertility with Nicole Blackwood

6-Week Series

Tuesday, February 21 – March 28

7:30 pm (90 min)

This series is designed to support women when they are trying to conceive, whether you have been trying for a while or just starting out. Nicole will hold space for the hope and uncertainty this journey brings while helping you prepare your body, mind, and heart for the journey ahead.


Yoga to Support Menopause with Darla O’Reilly

Sunday February 26

10:00 am (120 minutes)

Perimenopause and menopause is a transition time in life that literally changes you from inside out and it can be very powerful.  Join us for this gentle class where we move with awareness and explore postures that can help ease our transition from perimenopause to menopause and beyond. This workshop is open to all women of all ages, no previous yoga experience necessary.

Restore & Renew with Megan Morgan

Sunday, March 19th

10am (120 minutes)

Lift the fog and heaviness of winter with an uplifting restorative yoga practice. We will practice poses that aim to create space in the front and side bodies.  After a long and cold winter of curling inward it can feel refreshing and uplifting to open these spaces. If you are feeling depleted or simply want to slow down and nurture yourself, then restorative yoga is the practice for you.


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