Workshops & Special Series

Yoga for All with Christie Fahey

4-Week Series

Sunday, May 29 – June 19

8:00 – 9:00pm

Join Christie for a four week series celebrating bodies in all sizes.

Christie had invested 30 years of attempting to conform her body to fit in with the ideal diet and fitness culture’s thin-able body, realizing there is no magical panacea for all. Through her teaching she has witnessed students initially participating but not returning due to inaccessibility and alienation. During the past three years she has divested herself from the oppressive and exclusive mindset of the diet and fitness culture.

Christie is committed to creating a community offering support for people learning to love their bodies without shame or pressure to change. Continuing on her journey in a bigger body she has learned ways to adapt and make movement accessible and enjoyable again

In this series, Christie will share her first-hand experience and help you learn how to fit yoga poses for your body using various props such as wall, chair and yoga blocks (provided). Learn in a safe and accessible space without diet culture rhetoric and limiting beliefs of people living in bigger bodies. This experience is welcome to everyone with or without yoga experience and no matter your flexibility or strength

Come as you are, stay for the accessibility and leave with acceptance.

Week 1:  Standing poses and transitions

Week 2:  Seated Poses

Week 3:  Lying Poses

Week4:  Yoga For All Class

Classes will be held in the studio (limited to 10 socially distanced students) and Online Via Zoom.  

Investment: $87 (HST included) 

If you are a member use your workshop code to receive your discount.

Payment can be made via credit card or email transfer to hello@nicoleblackwood.com

Release & Restore Yoga with Nicole Blackwood

Tuesday, June 28

7:15 – 9:15 pm

Our overstimulated nervous systems crave relief, especially after the past few years. Longer-held, supportive restorative yoga postures offer spacious stillness and silence to retreat within, teaches us how to downshift, and builds resilience against stress. This workshop will also include soft and gentle yoga postures that promote inner alignment to release the gripping the body naturally does when it feels unsafe. As we soften our hard edges, we let go into the quiet space deep within.

Class will be held in studio (limited space) and also online through Zoom.  Bring what props you have from home to the studio and we’ll fill in the gaps with clean studio props.  You will need a mat, bolster, 2-3 blankets, blocks and a strap.  We have suggestions of items from around the house if you do not have yoga props.

Class will be recorded, and a link will be provided to you after class so you can replay, the link will expire after two weeks.

Investment: $40 (HST included)*

* If you are a Studio Member use your discount code

Payment Options: Online with credit card or email transfer to hello@nicoleblackwood.com

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