Prenatal Yoga

Summer 2024 10-Week Series

In-Studio & Online

Monday, July 8 – September 16 (Skipping Sept 2), 6:15 – 7:30 pm 

This series of prenatal yoga is taught both live online through Zoom and in person at the studio. Can’t make the class live? Students can access all the class recordings and bonus material in the Members’ Area on our website. 

Prenatal Yoga is for expectant moms from 12 weeks to delivery, including those without prior yoga experience.  Nurture your growing body mindfully in the company of other expectant moms.

Fundamental yoga postures are adapted to accommodate your changing body as you progress through your pregnancy. Relaxation techniques such as breathwork and visualization are incorporated to calm the mind and soothe the nervous system.

Meet and share your experience with other expectant moms while deepening the connection with your baby in a supportive environment. Each week, Nicole will introduce a different educational topic to support you through pregnancy and prepare you for birth. 

Some benefits of Prenatal Yoga include:

  • Strengthen muscles to provide stability
  • Stretch to relieve aches and discomfort
  • Prepare your body for birth
  • Alleviate edema and swelling
  • More peace and calm
  • Deepen your bond with baby
  • Help with recovery after birth
  • Share experience with other expectant moms

Summer 2024 Session – Join Anytime!

In Studio or Online via Zoom

Ends Monday, September 16

6:15 pm – 7:30 pm

***Our in-studio spaces for Summer Session are filled but please email us to be put on a waitlist to join if space opens up. You can also join us online and if a studio space opens up any particular week you can come in person that week instead.**

The current session is ongoing but you can still join us and you will have access to our Prenatal Members’ Area to view the previous classes and educational topics. Click here and send a message to join.

The things I learned at [prenatal] yoga helped immensely, and for that I am grateful. The breathing and learning about staying calm put me in the right mindset. It felt uncomfortable sitting or lying. The only thing that felt okay was standing. When a contraction came on, I would use either the wall or [my husband’s] and [my mom’s] shoulders to do modified downward dog. I did a lot of time in the tub, too. Learning the techniques to stay calm and positions helped me have the natural labour that I wanted. I’m so happy I went to yoga and look forward to doing more again soon.

Ashley House

I’ve practiced yoga before, but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect out of a prenatal yoga class. The prenatal class with Nicole has exceeded my expectations. Not only did I learn how to modify yoga for my changing body, but I also learning so much about how my body is changing and how I can encourage baby to be in a better position for labor and delivery. Although I know that “plans” may go out with window with labor and delivery, my outlook heading into labor and delivery has certainly changed and I look forward to getting an opportunity to use what I’ve learned as I bring baby into the world!

Sarah H

It’s a Girl!  She was a few days over due is doing wonderful. Thanks for the pre-natal classes, they certainly helped throughout my pregnancy and labour.  It’s true what the other girls in the class have said. I really did draw on the deep breathing techniques/methods during the delivery.   Also, I think that the muscle toning throughout the prenatal yoga has helped, as the nurse had commented on the weight loss in the belly & abdomen area after baby girl was born (woohoo!).

Kathryn Hunt

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