Yoga with Nicole

Release & Restore ~ Pelvis & Heart

4-Week Series with Nicole Blackwood

Tuesday, May 7 – 28

7:15pm (75 mins)

The series combines the nourishing practices of Supreme Release Yoga (SRY) and Restorative Yoga with a focus on gently releasing tension in the pelvis and carrying the release up the spine to open the region of your heart, cultivating your capacity for compassion and connection within.

SRY includes soft, gentle, and supported yoga asana (postures) that position the body in particular angles to promote an inner alignment that allows for release of muscle tension, with an emphasis on the pelvis and spine. When you create more spaciousness in these regions, you can cultivate a general sense of stability and feel more anchored within.

Each class will end with a longer-held, supported, and nourishing restorative shavasana that will allow the body to be free from effort, offering spacious stillness and silence to retreat within. 

Classes will also include a guided awareness that will be deeply restful, relaxing, and rejuvenating where you may touch the Yoga Nidra state (yogic sleep) and pranayama utilizing your breath to come into alignment with your inner life force.

This practice requires a cushioned surface like a yoga mat, bolster (or 2 – 3 blankets), 3+ blankets, and 2 blocks. For those attending in studio, everything you need is there but if you have your own props that you’d prefer to use you are welcome to bring them.

If you are joining us from home, you will need something to elevate your legs that resolves arching in your waist, like a chair, an ottoman, or the seat of a couch.

This series will be held in studio and also online through Zoom. 

Investment: $90 (HST included)*

* If you are a current Member with us please use your Workshop Discount Code when registering

Payment Options: Online with credit card or email transfer to hello@nicoleblackwood.com

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