Yoga with Nicole

Release & Restore with Nicole Blackwood

April 25 – May 9

Three Week Series

Tuesdays 7:30pm to 9:00pm

This 3-week series of classes will be deeply nourishing and promote a state of being that is easeful and blissful. Each class will also include contemplation and reflection based on the wisdom teachings of yoga, creating a bridge to living yoga off the mat.

The classes will include soft, gentle, and accessible yoga asana that promotes inner alignment to release tension, focusing on the pelvis and spine.

Longer-held restorative yoga asana will support the body to be free from effort, offering spacious stillness and silence to retreat within.

Pranayama practices utilizing your breath will realign you with your own inner life force. Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) will help settle your mind and reconnect to yourself.

Class will be held in studio and also online through Zoom. Recordings are available throughout the series to practice on your own at home through February 6.

If you have your own props you are welcome to bring them, but you are welcome to use what we have at the studio. You will need a mat, bolster (or 2 – 3 blankets), 3+ blankets, and 2 blocks.

Investment: $75 (HST included)*

*If you are a Member please use your Workshop Discount Code when registering

Payment Options: Online with credit card or email transfer to hello@nicoleblackwood.com

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