Embody Fertility Yoga On Demand


These classes include gentle yoga postures with an emphasis on releasing tension and nourishing the pelvic region. Restorative yoga postures using the support of props will allow your body feel free from effort and help settle your nervous system. Other practices such as meditation, breathing techniques, and guided relaxation will help deepen your experience.

The intention for these classes is to provide tools and techniques to cultivate your innate power for nurturing, starting with yourself. When trying to conceive becomes more trying than anticipated it can consume your life. These practices are meant to support you and provide stability in what can feel like a very unstable time. 

Whether you are doing fertility treatments, taking a break, or trying to conceive naturally at this time, this program will nurture your body, mind, and heart.

This program includes:

  • Six 90-minute On Demand classes.
    • Each class starts with 10-15 minute of education.
    • The yoga practice is timestamped with shorter mini-practices so you can fit them into your schedule.
  • Seven Meditation and/or Pranayama (breathing) audios.

This self-paced program is a recording of a previous series that was taught in person and online at Embody Studio and has a “live feel”.

These classes are appropriate for all levels of fitness and experience as well as any point in a natural or medicated fertility process. In the event you do become pregnant during this program, it is also suitable during the first trimester of pregnancy.


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