​This breathing technique guides you towards gradually extending your exhale, which can slow your heart rate and calm your nervous system. It can require more practice if you are experiencing anxiety so be gentle with yourself and take it slow.

  1. First, you’ll find your natural breathing rhythm. Counting your breath in and out.
  2. Then you will equalize the breath (1:1) by shortening either the inhale or exhale, if necessary, so you match the shorter count.*
  3. If it feels comfortable, you can continue towards extending the exhale. Eventually, you can work towards a 1:2 breath, where the exhale is twice as long as the inhale. It is important to this gradually and not expect this to come immediately.

* I never mentioned this in the audio but you can add a count or two to the 1:1 breath if it feels ok prior to moving to the extended exhale.

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