Over the past few weeks, I have been reflecting on 2015. For me, it was a year of big change. I left a career of eight years that was leaving me exhausted and unfulfilled to focus on my self-care and to cultivate the things in my life that feed my soul.

I knew at the beginning of 2015 that it was time for a change. There were many signs that pushed me to listen to my inner voice. It wasn’t a rash decision to leave corporate life. I had known for a while that I needed to make some adjustments in order to live life more fully. At that time, I did not necessarily know that through making slight adjustments in my lifestyle year after year that I would ultimately end up changing my career path.

Teaching yoga, studying to be a Holistic Nutritionist, and building a business around both has been my focus since last summer. Before jumping into setting goals for the new year, I felt it was important to reflect upon 2015. Was there something I hoped to achieve that never came to fruition? Is it possible I set my goals too high or were they too vague? It is really important to understand what worked and what didn’t so I can set more realistic and achievable goals for 2016.

I also have personal goals that are separate from my business goals. For example, maintaining a strong work-life balance through doing fun activities with my husband and fur babes is a priority. Devoting time to my restorative yoga practice to rest and replenish is also very important for my self-care.

Over the next week, I will refine my goals for the year for both my business and lifestyle while using insights from 2015 to keep me grounded. I recently read a blog post from heart-centered entrepreneur mastermind Racheal Cook. She recommends limiting nitty gritty planning to the next three months and to set SMART goals: Specific, Meaningful, Action-Oriented, Realistic, and Time-Bound. This will help to prevent you from overcommitting and also reduce anxiety around trying to achieve unrealistic goals.

I hope you can take a moment to sit and reflect on your 2015 and then frame out what would make your 2016 most awesome. Keep things simple and attainable and focus on the next three months.

I feel passionate and energized about teaching yoga and I am excited to start teaching again next week after taking a break for the holidays. My students continue to fuel this passion. I am so proud of each you for showing up and committing to your yoga practice. Many people think that taking time for yourself is selfish. But it is actually the complete opposite. By committing to your yoga practice, you will create more spaciousness in the body and clarity in the mind. This freedom gives you the potential to dig deeper and tap into your true self so you are able to live your life more authentically. In the end, this self-care practice benefits more than just yourSELF, but everyone you touch in your life.

If you are part of my community, yoga is likely part of your self-care or it something that has sparked your interest. If yoga is part of your goals for 2016, check out my class offerings to see if anything meets your unique needs! Pre-registration is available online for Gentle, Restorative, and Mom & Baby group yoga classes at Steffen Dance Studio in the West End of St. John’s.

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