This morning as I enjoyed my oatmeal and tea I pondered what inspiration I could share on my newsletter and blog. I had been thinking about it for a few days and everything seemed forced, not authentic. When I opened my Meditations from the Mat book for a morning reading there it was. The universe is always listening 🙂

In this reading the author, Rolf Gates,  talks about how the intelligence in the natural world around us also holds true in our yoga practice.  He describes the leaves as being “ablaze with colour” this time of the year and I instantly connected with the liberation he described during his walk in nature.

“…I am struck by the way the forest reminds us that the seasons are both temporary and eternal. A prematurely bare tree alongside the path reminds me that, although winter is soon to come, the trees in these woods will have leaves again. A deserted dock on a deep-woods pond beckons with memories of the hot summer days just past. It is easy to be fully present on this still clear day – even the waning sunshine suggests the transitionary nature of our own existence. We must live in it, bask in it, while we may, here on earth for our own brief seasons, and then let go, making room for new lives to be born. There is some sadness in these reflections, yet they bring their own measure of serenity as well. This is how life is, how it has always been. There is a paradox in the wisdom of the forest. This cycle of life, death, and rebirth has been going on since the beginning of time.”

This perspective can be much more difficult during the colder, darker months of Winter when we think Spring will never come. “There is an intelligence in nature that brings balance and harmony to the mind, heart, and soul. When we are disconnected from this intelligence we slowly drift out of balance. This is also true of our yoga practice. Yoga brings us from disconnection and fear to connection with love. Through our practice the intelligence of our minds connects with, is infused with, and joins the wisdom of our bodies.”

Just like the disconnection felt on a dark Winter’s day, we can forget about the wisdom, beauty, and peace waiting for us on our mats. Through making our yoga practice a priority, we keep showing up to stay grounded in our truth. Some days we may feel like an active practice and others we may want to nestle into a nurturing restorative pose. The most important thing is that we are choosing connection and love however that shows up.

As I write this today, I am admittedly avoiding my yoga and meditation practice. I have been feeling a little off center and disconnected the past few days. Little did I know when I started writing this blog post that it was part of my practice. Through giving and sharing I was able to receive the inspiration I needed in this moment to go to my mat and return to the wisdom of my yoga.

What can you do to make your practice a priority in your life? What inspires you when you feel disconnected? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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