As I sit and write this I am on day three of a pretty bad cold that has confined me to my house. Much of my time has been spent on the couch sleeping and binge-watching recorded shows of The Voice that I missed while I was in Uganda. I went through the typical guilt associated with having to cancel my yoga classes (especially after being gone for almost three weeks). I was quickly reminded that I was being dramatic as the replies from my students and colleagues rolled in with wishes to rest up and get well. It’s not a big deal. So I settled in and rested. My body was craving it.

Today I enjoyed a lavender epsom salt bath (amazing!) and finished off a book that my friend lent me last Halloween (that’s how I roll with books). I came out of the bath with renewed energy. A mucousy renewed energy albeit, but an amazing improvement in comparison to the past few days. The gears were turning in my mind and inspiration began to flood in. Maybe this downtime is exactly what I needed after all.

Given that my mind is buzzing but my body is still is in couch mode, I thought it to be a perfect time to share some pictures with you from my trip to Uganda. A trip in itself that I felt guilty about taking. I would be away from my students for the second time this year and from the studio that I just opened. I also had things in my personal life that I felt like I was putting on hold. But it was such a great opportunity to do Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training while supporting and learning about Shanti Uganda‘s amazing work to improve infant and maternal health in Uganda.

I recently read a post by Danielle LaPorte where she talks about guilt being inevitable as we push through to create the life of our dreams. It’s part of our conscience. Instead of giving myself a hard time about feeling guilty, I could accept it as part of the process. I could choose to wallow in guilt or breath and keep going.

“The guilt of following your heart is a weight you can bear if your dream is strong enough. It’s the price of admission to fulfillment.”

So I followed my heart. I saw. I learned. I laughed. I cried. I grew.

Below is a collection of pictures from this amazing journey. You can read the captions in thumbnail view below and click on it to see a larger image.

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