Happy 2020! Thanks so much for choosing to be here. Even if you’re not able to read every email or attend classes at our studio, I am deeply grateful for your presence in our community.

For me, a new year feels fresh with so many possibilities. It’s easy to be seduced into making a ton of goals for self-care, but overcommitting to too much is a recipe for overwhelm and burn out.

We can also get into the mindset that there’s something that we need to *fix* about ourselves in the year ahead. This *not good enough* mindset will never lead to sustained wellness and contentment. Yes, your yoga asana practice can help soothe an achy body, build strength and mobility, and calm your mind. But ultimately, the practice is one of self-discovery that you are whole and complete as you are.

Our practice isn’t linear. Neither is our growth as humans. It’s cyclical. We have to give ourselves permission to begin again. Each time we start with more lessons and learnings to make more informed choices. We gain wisdom. We start from a different place. We grow. We evolve.

So instead of putting demanding expectations on yourself, why not consider these questions instead:

  1. What do I want to stand for it 2020? And/or what is my theme/word for the year?
  2. How do I want to feel? What are my top 5 core desired feelings?
  3. What is one thing I can focus on that will make everything else easier?

2019 was my second year as a mom.  Things got easier in many ways and busier in others. But overall I felt more at home in this new role and our little family found our new groove.

One of my themes for last year was to ask for and embrace support.

This ONE decision made everything in my life easier.

Everly started childcare a few days a week, which terrified me at first but it was one of the best decisions we ever made. She loves it and I started feeling more like myself again.

Megan swooped in without hesitation to take on the role of studio manager and I hired a bookkeeper. Angels!

This helped create more spaciousness which was one of my core desired feelings (CDF) for the year (inspired from Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map).

For 2020, spaciousness is still one of my CDF. I desire space in my life to do what I love and also have quality time with my loves in this picture. Another one of my CDF for this year is playfulness and these humans (and pup!) bring this out of me.

My mat is another place where I desire to embrace more play. Staying curious and having a willingness to learn is necessary for this to happen.

You can ask these questions about different aspects of your life (personal, wellness, and work). And allow them to shape your intentions for the year ahead so it sparks joy and excitement.

A short stillness and/or yoga practice is a great way to clear your mind and reconnect prior to asking yourself these questions. You can try one of these guided options from our blog: Breath Awareness, Mindfulness of Breath, Sun Breaths (standing movement), Neck & Shoulder Stretches (can be done sitting).

Leave a comment below if this process resonates with you and share what you discovered after answering the questions. I would love to hear 🙂

Love + fresh beginnings,


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